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MLA Annual Meeting

December 27-30, 2007, Chicago, IL

Panels for the 2007 MLA Annual convention. Chicago, December 27-30,  2007.

I. Emily Dickinson and the History of Ideas.

Much has been written about Dickinson's place in the history of  poetry, women's writing, and American literature, but little about  her role in the history of ideas. Papers should be grounded in Dickinson and speak to a broad aspect of intellectual history.

200-word abstracts by March 10, 2007 to

II. Open Topic.

Papers on any aspect of Dickinson's life and writing.

200-word abstracts by March 10, 2007 to

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August 1-3, 2008

Amherst, Massachusetts
The 2008 Annual Meeting to take place in Amherst from August 1 to 3. The meeting will celebrate the 20th anniversary of EDIS and will introduce the first Dickinson Discussion Institute. Dedicated to the general theme of “Celebration,” poets Mark Doty, Elizabeth Willis, and Michael Ryan will appear as featured speakers. The Institute has been titled the “Discussion Institute” in order to foreground the discussion component of the program and will issue a general invitation to all members and a call for papers. The Institute's theme is “The Role of Narrative in the Poetry of Emily Dickinson.”

July 30 - August 2,

Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

The 2009 Annual Meeting will take place in Regina, Saskatchewan, "The Queen City," from July 30 to August 2. The meeting's theme is "Emily Dickinson: Queen Without a Crown." Teaching discussions will be from several perspectives, demonstrated by award-winning instructors within our membership and including strategies for teaching children and using online resources.