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CFPs for ALA

Calls for Papers
Emily Dickinson International Society

The Emily Dickinson International Society will sponsor two sessions at the 2016 American Literature Association Annual Conference. ALA conference will be held in San Francisco, May 26-29, 2016. Please send a 300-word abstract and a brief CV to Michelle Kohler ( and Renee Bergland ( by January 1, 2016.

Panel 1: Dickinson’s Spaces
We welcome papers that consider how various outer and inner spaces shape Dickinson’s poetry, and how Dickinson’s poetry shapes various spaces. For example, papers might take up natural environments, local or foreign places, the globe, domestic spaces, outer space, heaven, sky, abyss, circumference, space on the manuscript page, etc.

Panel 2: Emily Dickinson, Open Topic
We welcome papers on any aspect of Dickinson’s poems and letters, including multi-disciplinary or multi-author.