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EDIS Member-At-Large Nominations

2015 Member-At-Large Election

At the 2014 meeting of the Emily Dickinson International Society, the Board of Directors decided to run an election to fill a vacant Member-at-Large seat on the Board. The position of Member-at-Large is for a three-year term which would begin at the Annual Meeting in Amherst in 2015 and conclude in 2018. The Board normally meets once a year, usually in the summer, in conjunction with the Society's annual meeting or international conference. The Member-at-Large is expected to attend these meetings and to fund their own attendance.

Members-at-Large have the same responsibilities and opportunities for service to the organization that all EDIS Board members have. These include the following: becoming familiar with the Society’s bylaws; conducting Society business by serving on committees; reading the EDIS Bulletin and the Journal; following discussions on e-mail; attending annual meetings; checking the Society’s website for information and updates; staying current with activities at the Emily Dickinson Museum; writing for the Bulletin; and, depending on location, sponsoring or participating in activities with a local chapter or your community generally. An ongoing issue for EDIS is increasing membership, and Members-at-Large are asked to contribute to this goal by having their ears tuned to members’ preferences, interests, and concerns.

If you are interested in providing leadership for the Emily Dickinson International Society and supporting its mission of promoting interest in Dickinson and her poetry, you are invited to submit your name for consideration for the position of Member-at-Large. Please send nominations or self-nominations to Páraic Finnerty ( by 31 January 2015. Páraic is Chair of the Nominations Committee which will compile a list of candidates to present to the general membership for election to the Member-at-Large position. The election will take place in March or April 2015, with the winner announced in May 2015. Candidates for the position will be asked to prepare a statement (500 words) of their qualifications and interests to be distributed to all members of EDIS for consideration.