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Emily Dickinson International Society

The Emily Dickinson International Society will sponsor two sessions at the 2016 American Literature Association Annual Conference. ALA conference will be held in San Francisco, May 26-29, 2016. Please send a 300-word abstract and a brief CV to Michelle Kohler ( and Renee Bergland ( by January 1, 2016.

Panel 1: Dickinson’s Spaces
We welcome papers that consider how various outer and inner spaces shape Dickinson’s poetry, and how Dickinson’s poetry shapes various spaces. For example, papers might take up natural environments, local or foreign places, the globe, domestic spaces, outer space, heaven, sky, abyss, circumference, space on the manuscript page, etc.

Panel 2: Emily Dickinson, Open Topic
We welcome papers on any aspect of Dickinson’s poems and letters, including multi-disciplinary or multi-author.

2016 Member-At-Large Election

At the 2015 meeting of the Emily Dickinson International Society (EDIS), the Board of Directors agreed to run an election to fill a vacant Member-at-Large seat on the Board. The position of Member-at-Large is for a three-year term, which would begin at the EDIS Conference in Paris in June 2016 and conclude in 2019. The Board normally meets once a year, usually in the summer, in conjunction with the Society's annual meeting or international conference. The Member-at-Large is expected to attend these meetings and to fund his or her own attendance.

2016 MLA Sessions

MLA 2016, Austin Texas

Programs arranged by the Emily Dickinson International Society and the Melville Society
Saturday, 9 January

Click here to see the program.

2015 Annual Meeting - Amherst, Massachusetts

  • Online registration form (recommended) now available here.
  • PDF Registration form available here.
  • Online schedule available here
  • For more full descriptions of the Program for "Emily Dickinson in her Elements” please download a PDF schedule here.
  • Lodging possibilities available here.


    In collaboration with the Emily Dickinson Museum, The Emily Dickinson International Society 2015 Annual Meeting will be held in Amherst Aug. 7-9. "Dickinson in Her Elements" offers a variety of programs inspired by the poet's engagements with air, earth, fire, and water. A Critical Institute in which participants are sharing essays in progress is already under way, and during the meeting we're offering workshops on some poems in which Dickinson turns her acute attentions to worldly elements. Besides some wonderfully informative and engaging talks by exciting scholars, Friday evening we'll be treated by The Red Skies Music Ensemble and Saturday afternoon by jazz pianist Tomoko Ozawa playing Martha Dickinson Bianchi's Steinway in the Evergreens. Also featured are hikes on the Emily Dickinson trail, visits to the Amherst College Wilder Observatory, a program on Dickinson's gardens, thinking about the weather in Dickinson, and more. Be prepared for a delightful variety of elemental matters--bird-watching, star-gazing, cloud musing, ruminating botanically, thinking about insects, earthquakes, and congregating with other Dickinson and poetry enthusiasts from all over the world (Japan, France, Qatar, England, just to name a few).


2015 EDIS Undergraduate Research Award

Emily Dickinson Undergraduate Essay Prize

In 2015, the Emily Dickinson International Society is launching a prize for undergraduate research on Emily Dickinson. We seek critical essays by undergraduates from institutions of all kinds, focusing on Dickinson’s poems or letters. Students at all levels are eligible to submit. Papers should be 15 pages maximum. The winning essay will be published on the EDIS website and the author will receive an award of $250.
To submit an essay for the prize, send copies of articles as anonymous word attachments, plus a cover letter with contact information to the following address by May 25, 2015: The essays will be distributed electronically to a panel of nationally recognized scholars for judging. All submissions will be acknowledged and receive a response within a month.


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